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Execute buy/sell orders in milliseconds. Buy and sell from iPhone, Tablet, Computer.

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Extended trading hours

Markets are open almost 24 hours a day, Sunday night through Friday. Don’t miss out on trading oppotunities.

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Exchange traded the equivalent of nearly 27 million ounces daily, according to the CME.

Risk Management

Low Spreads

Reduced spreads compared to traditional spot gold dealers can translate to significant cost savings over time. As low as .10 cents Gold .005  cents Silver.

Advanced charts, quotes, and analytics

Live quotes are updated instantly; trade from the charts; and advanced chart studies with your favorite indicators. Also, there are risk management tools.

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True Transparency

Instant trade confirmations, daily statements, monthly statements, apps, and software. You always know what your account is worth to the second.


Test drive today with LIVE streaming quotes, charts, and indicators.

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