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Spreads, Spreads, Spreads

Spreads, Spreads, Spreads… Why they matter.. In a multi-billion-dollar industry, it has become quite problematic. The seemingly innocuous bid-ask spread can exert a surprisingly detrimental influence on your overall investment performance. Notably, this cost can vary significantly across dealers and product types. Unscrupulous spot (cash) dealers may exploit this to target less informed investors through […]

CME Comex Margins Increase

April 5th, 2024 CME Comex Increasing Margins, Gold 6.8%, Silver 11.8% GOLD (GC) SILVER (GSI) Source File:

Latest Education Video Release

Latest Educational Videos Playlist 4 Videos Spread Charges: The Hidden Fees 0:16 Stackers vs. Investor 0:16 Leverage Explained 0:16 Pricing: Why are Spot & Futures Prices Different