Learn from decades of experience with our gold bootcamp course.

This is a one-stop shop to learn how to invest and trade precious metals like a professional.

  • Expert Industry Insights

Your educator Drew Rathgeber has over 20+ years in the precious metals industry. He even worked at one of the largest “Spot” bullion dealers in the country.

  • Stacker, Collector, Investor

Which are you? We teach how to not fall into the collector trap using investment dollars.

  • Learn about spreads

We teach about this sneaky none transparent transaction cost and how to reduce them.

  • Differet ways to invest

Physical Delivery, ETFs, Futures, we educate on the best most cost effective solution.

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Gold Trading Bootcamp

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Course Outline

10 Lessons, 1hr Content

  • Introduction| ProGoldTrader
  • 3 Ways to Invest
  • Stacker, Collector, Investor
  • Regulations
  • Price Movement
  • Spread Charges
  • Due Diligence
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Conclusion

Learn how the banks and institutions invest and trade precious metals.